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PDRP Annual Report published

The Press Distribution Review Panel's Annual Report for the period 1st November 2013 - 31st December 2014 has been published.

The report is available on the Press Distribution Forum's website.

The Press Distribution Review Panel says: The report comprises statistics, trends and observations drawn from the Charter’s fourth year of operation. For the third year running there has been an increase in the total number of Stage 2 Complaints which demonstrates a greater retail awareness of the PDC's standards and dispute resolution process as well as a clear improvement in the transparency of the supply chain.

During the fourteen month period 1st November 2013 and 31st December 2014 a total of 175 PDC Stage 2 complaint forms were submitted generating a total of 283 breaches of PDC standards. The complaints originated from 40 wholesale houses, 3 News UK, 6 News UK Direct and 1 newspaper publisher.

Of the 283 breaches that were reported; 3 related to Terms & Conditions, 91 Delivery - Timeliness, 49 Delivery - Quality, 49 Order and Supply Management, 17 Returns Management, 23 Invoicing, 10 Voucher Processing, 2 Sub Retailing, 38 Customer Service and 1 Carriage Charges.

Menzies Distribution dealt with 52 Stage 2 complaints, the NPA 1, News UK 3, News UK Direct 6 and Smiths News 113. There were no complaints regarding magazines made to the PPA.

Twelve Stage 2 complaints failed to be completed within the 28 day time limit, but all complaints were ultimately resolved satisfactorily.

During the period under review there were 8 referrals to the Independent Arbitrator. The average time taken for the adjudications was 15.37 days in a number of cases the Arbitrator called for further and better particulars thereby delaying the process. 10/03/2015

Neil Robinson, Press Distribution Review Panel Chairman, said "The PDRP is at the heart of the self-regulatory process within our industry and is totally committed to maximising compliance with the Charter standards and efficiency of distribution within the supply chain. Through capture and reporting of Stage 2 complaints the PDRP is able to monitor service performance and ensure open and transparent reporting on the same via Quarterly and Annual Reports.

In addition to its core work the PDRP has been actively engaged in bringing about an enhanced, standardised restitution package for retailers suffering late delivery and has been developing a transparent and comprehensive guide for retailers, which will provide them with all the help needed to complain about alleged breaches of Charter standards. The PDRP has also introduced a quality assurance programme on itself whereby complainants are invited to complete a questionnaire on the complaints process. By analysing the information received, the PDRP will be better informed as to whether the complaints process has made progress in meeting its objectives and offers equitable access for retailers."