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Readly to launch summer campaign

Readly has revealed a new branding concept for its summer campaign "What type of Reader are you?"

Readly to launch summer campaign
Marie-Sophie von Bibra: “This campaign focuses on the passion and diversity of reading and our readers as the core of our Readly purpose.”

Digital magazine and newspaper subscription service Readly is launching a new branding campaign themed "What type of Reader are you?". The campaign aims to highlight the diversity and interests of readers and encourage people to explore the breadth of their reading habits and discover new topics, especially during their summer holiday.

The ‘What type of Reader are you?’ creative concept focuses on the diversity of the reader, united by their passion for reading and the breadth of titles that engage different reading typologies. A series of interest-based visuals and messages have been produced to resonate with the different user groups and engage their interests and passions, added Readly.

The campaign concept, according to Readly, is based on user insights showing that 78 percent of UK subscribers identify as avid readers and find their interests and hobbies covered by the 7,700 titles on the Readly app.

Marie-Sophie von Bibra, chief marketing officer at Readly said: "This campaign focuses on the passion and diversity of reading and our readers as the core of our Readly purpose. We highlight the value of quality journalism from the 1200 publishers on Readly, and aim to encourage readers to continue appreciating the timeless joy of reading above all else. Our survey also shows that if you consider yourself to be a reader you are more likely to want to support quality journalism.”

Readly says the campaign involves using AI for image creation and producing a range of advertising visuals tailored to readers' interests, spanning from cars and technology to health and gardening. Readly says it has done this to create a consistent visual style that allows the brand to demonstrate the diversity of interests offered via the app, which can be hard to replicate with photoshoots or stock images.

The new branding campaign will be supported by advertising across multiple channels and represents a restart of more offline advertising with a hyper local campaign for the UK which will be focused on the Norwich area. It will include outdoor advertising placements such as bus stops, petrol stations, and billboards, as well as local business partnerships, radio advertising and coverage across digital channels.

Readly says according to its latest Yougov survey 37 percent of Brits enjoy reading books and magazines during their summer holiday and 60 percent say they read more during their holiday than in everyday life.

Marie-Sophie von Bibra added: “The timing and chosen channels of this campaign are informed by our adjusted brand strategy and unit economic insights. We've analysed our highest conversion rates geographically and combined this with geo-data and relevant seasonal trends. This is the basis for our choice of cities, advertising locations and commercial partners and is part of our global brand and advertising strategy, whereby we run different tests in different markets in order to create cases to then roll out at scale and across markets.”

Readly says it will use influencer marketing and user-generated content on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to reach a broader audience and boost engagement. The campaign will run for several weeks starting July 1.

The UK campaign is part of a large-scale international activation across Readly’s core markets such as Sweden and Germany, added the company.

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