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The Scotsman launches new identity

The Scotsman has launched its new brand identity which pays homage to the country’s rich heritage.

The Scotsman launches new identity
Neil McIntosh: “Our new tagline is not just a nod to our Scottish roots but a pledge to continue being a trusted source for our readers.”

The Scotsman says, focused on its commitment to integrity, the refreshed branding draws inspiration from the iconic words of famous Scottish poet Robert Burns, "Dare to be honest."

The Scotsman has been a leading voice in Scottish journalism since 1817, added the publisher, and today is a trusted source of news, entertainment and information for people across the world.

Neil McIntosh, editor of The Scotsman, emphasised the importance of honesty in the modern media landscape. “With the digital age bringing sensationalism and information overload, it's more important than ever to uphold values Robert Burns advocated,” he said.

“Our new tagline is not just a nod to our Scottish roots but a pledge to continue being a trusted source for our readers. This comes at a time when The Scotsman is not only growing its subscriber base but also expanding its global reach, aiming to offer the most authentic insight into Scottish culture, heritage, and business.”

The new brand identity incorporates elements of the Scottish flag, transforming its white cross into directional arrows. The design reflects The Scotsman's goal to cut through the noise, offering news that's grounded in trust and integrity.

The letter where Robert Burns famously wrote ‘Dare to be Honest’ is now at the National Trust for Scotland’s Robert Burns Birthplace Museum, in Alloway.

Chris Waddell, National Trust for Scotland Learning Manager at the Museum, said: “Dare to be Honest is a quotation from a letter Burns sent to Robert Graham of Fintry in December 1789.

“Graham was Burns’ ultimate superior in the excise service. The quotation in full – ‘I dare to be honest, and I fear no labour’ – is Burns reassuring his patron that he is both trustworthy and hardworking, and that even with the burden of an exciseman’s duties, he was still continuing to write poetry (Graham had also taken a strong interest in Burns’ poetry).

“It is wonderful that Burns’ words still resonate with the people of Scotland today and that The Scotsman has chosen these powerful words to highlight that they ‘dare to be honest’. Readers can view Burns’ letter by accessing the National Trust for Scotland’s newly launched online search facility, a project made possible by several kind donations to our charity.”

The rebranding effort was spearheaded by MNA Digital, acquired by National World last year, marking an investment in the newspaper's future.

Neil said: "Despite moving into a new era, we've made sure to stay rooted in the values that have defined us since 1817 – delivering award-winning journalism and understanding Scotland like no other. We promise to always dare to be honest."

Left: Chris Waddell; Right: Neil McIntosh. Photograph: Supplied by National World
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