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Updates to Press Distribution Charter

The Press Distribution Review Panel has announced the publication of 'PDC - Retail Notes of Guidance'. This document incorporates a number of changes to the complaints process which clarify and add to the commitments already made to the retailer.

According to the Press Distribution Review Panel, the most significant changes are:

Restitution Payments for Lateness

Wholesalers, publishers and distributors have agreed to pay a flat rate 55p per copy when there is serious or persistent late delivery. However newspaper publishers have a restitution cap of £60 per retailer per complaint and £6,000 for the entire complaint. The cap has been reviewed and as a result been doubled.

Clarification of Terminology

"Persistent" as applied to late delivery has always been an issue. Within the new retail guide "persistent" is defined as:

Newspapers – The same problem occurs three times in three weeks for Monday to Friday newspaper three times in six weeks for Saturday or Sunday newspapers.

Magazines – The same problem occurs three times in six issues of a weekly, fortnightly or monthly magazine.

Supporting Evidence

The new publication contains comprehensive information as to how to make a Press Distribution Charter complaint and gives the retailer a much better idea of the conditions surrounding PDC complaints and the amount of restitution that may be awarded.

Neil Robinson, PDRP Chairman, said: "The PDRP is totally committed to transparency, consistency and managing retail expectation and these principles are encapsulated in the new 'PDC - Retail Notes of Guidance'. The PDRP will continue to work diligently in order to simplify the complaints process at Stage 2 and make it quicker and easier to use."