News Telegraph quits ABC

The publisher announced earlier this month that the ABC results published on 16 January would be the last ones that Telegraph Media Group participated in.

INTERVIEW Punching above its weight

The Jewish Chronicle has a circulation of just over 20,000 but, as the voice of the UK’s Jewish community since 1841, its voice carries far. Ray Snoddy talks to editor Stephen Pollard about the challenges he faces, both political and publishing.

By Ray Snoddy

FEATURE How the film Moneyball can help publishers smash their own home runs

In the 2011 film Moneyball, the manager of the Oakland A’s baseball team faces the challenge of how to build a winning team, with a budget much smaller than its rivals. Publishers can learn much from his approach, says WoodWing CEO Ross Paterson.

By Ross Paterson


With digital upheaval, the publishing industry is smaller than it once was, but is still “massive”. Furthermore, writes Jim Bilton, there are pockets of growth.

By Jim Bilton

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