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ABC named as first UK certifier for JTI

ABC has been named as the first UK certifier for the Journalism Trust Initiative.

ABC named as first UK certifier for JTI
Simon Redlich: “We’re proud to be appointed as the first UK certifier for the Journalism Trust Initiative.”

ABC, an independent industry-owned auditor with expertise in the fields of brand safety, ad fraud and data privacy, has announced that it has become the first UK-based certifier for the Journalism Trust Initiative (JTI) audit. This international benchmark, developed at the initiative of Reporters Without Borders (RSF), is used to assess the professionalism of news publishers.

As an approved JTI certifier, ABC will offer UK-based publishers the audit required for JTI Certification. Achieving certification following ABC’s independent audit will demonstrate a media outlet’s commitment to delivering ethical, high quality and transparent journalism in compliance with the JTI Standard, added the auditor.

Setting benchmarks for transparency, responsibility, and accountability of media outlets, the JTI is itself designed as an ISO-type standard which assesses a publisher’s information service to check if it complies with 130 criteria. Initiated and promoted by the Paris-based press freedom watchdog Reporters Without Borders (RSF), the ultimate goal of JTI is to support the right to information by making it easier for citizens to identify reliable media.

“We are delighted that a market as dynamic as the UK’s can now count on a professional auditor like ABC to deliver JTI Certification,” said Fiona O’Brien, director of RSF’s UK Bureau. “RSF and ABC will work hand in hand to help publishers embark on the certification process. The JTI Standard can support and consolidate existing approaches to trust in news and media in the UK.”

Publishers wanting to show they comply with the JTI Standard start by completing a free self-evaluation on The self-evaluation involves answering 130 questions and then publishing the results in a JTI transparency report. This first step helps media outlets prepare for the subsequent audit needed to obtain JTI Certification. During the audit process, newsrooms are asked to make any adjustments needed to achieve certification.

“We’re proud to be appointed as the first UK certifier for the Journalism Trust Initiative,” ABC chief executive Simon Redlich said. “As an industry-owned auditor, our role has always been to strengthen trust in media by enabling companies to demonstrate their credibility in tangible ways. This aligns perfectly with the JTI’s aim to provide trustworthy journalism with a tool to clearly distinguish itself in our busy information space.”

ABC says it is currently undergoing accreditation to ISO/IEC 17065, the standard required of bodies delivering this certification.

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