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Zuora introduces Zephr into its product suite

Zephr has been incorporated into Zuora’s offering including a new Dynamic Offers module, with the application of Zephr’s functionality expanded to other industry groups beyond media.

Zuora introduces Zephr into its product suite
Tien Tzuo: “Modern businesses are built on subscriber-led growth.”

Zuora, a monetization suite for modern businesses, has announced Zephr as a subscriber-led growth engine at Subscribed Live. After working with more than 70 customers in the media and digital publishing industry, including Forbes, McClatchy and NewsCorp, the announcement expands Zephr to support subscriber-led growth in SaaS, Gaming, Fitness, Hospitality and beyond. With Zephr’s new Dynamic Offers module, product and growth teams can now dynamically create offers to target each subscriber and deliver ongoing value, says the company.

Modern businesses have shifted their focus from landing new customers to building customer lifetime value through subscriber relationships, says Zuora. Subscriber-led growth requires modern businesses to engage subscribers directly through their product, build a deep understanding of each subscriber, and present offers based on what each subscriber values most, added the company. With Zephr, companies can dynamically create offers that drive conversion and retention along the subscriber lifetime, such as freemium conversions, upsell add-ons, churn saves, and win-backs. Companies using Zuora now have an integrated monetization suite that drives subscriber-led growth and orchestrates monetization across billing, payments, collections, and revenue recognition processes.

“Modern businesses are built on subscriber-led growth. The best companies create a flywheel by driving product engagement, studying subscriber usage, and then delivering the best next offer based on what each subscriber values,” said Tien Tzuo, founder and CEO at Zuora. “Zephr is the engine that powers this flywheel. We’re excited to expand Zephr beyond the media industry, giving any product or growth team the power to experiment and act on subscriber data in real-time.”

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